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EUCOPE – the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs

EUCOPE provides a platform for discussion for pharmaceutical entrepreneurs. On regular basis, owners and CEOs of pharmaceutical companies and associations discuss solutions to improve the quality of life for patients and to strengthen the competitiveness of the European pharmaceutical industry.

The legal framework for pharmaceutical markets is set largely by the EU institutions. An active role in the political debate on the EU level is therefore crucial. The early perception of future markets and reliable regulatory circumstances are key aspects of entrepreneurial success.

Knowledge about this legal framework and the active discussion and participation at the EU level is essential for pharmaceutical entrepreneurs to generate innovations.

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EUCOPE provides its members with an early understanding about regulatory developments. Current topics are:

A close monitoring and comprehensive information about future market conditions are valuable assets for strategic decisions. Questions such as access to finance, market access and reliable reimbursement conditions are of crucial importance for pharmaceutical entrepreneurs.

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Conferences and Working Groups

EUCOPE 10-Year Anniversary, 8 October, Brussels

EUCOPE Members’ Meeting, 9 October, Brussels

Orphan Medicinal Products Working Group, 24 October, Brussels

Regulatory, Pharmacovigilance & Medical Devices Working Group, 13 November, Brussels

Pricing & Reimbursement/Market Access Working Group, 20 November, Brussels