EUCOPE – Your Partner for European Affairs

EUCOPE gives voice to small to medium-sized innovative companies active in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies and medical technologies at the European level.

The legal framework in which our members operate is set largely by the EU institutions. An active role in the political debate at the EU level is therefore crucial. EUCOPE takes pride in sharing the early perception of future markets’ and regulatory developments, key aspects of strategical success. Our team in Brussels provides expertise in legal, public policy and government affairs. In close collaboration with our members, we analyse, monitor and engage when necessary on multiple topics.

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Pricing & Market Access Policies

A stable and balanced framework for pricing and market access policies ensures patients get timely access to the right medicinal product, whilst safeguarding the sustainability of our healthcare systems. EUCOPE is helping its members in navigating this constantly evolving environment, with advices and insights on the latest developments regarding national pricing decisions, HTA analysis, international reference pricing, etc.

Rare Diseases

EUCOPE works to strengthen the whole EU environment for the development of rare diseases treatments. With the European Commission now revising the Regulation (EC) No 141/2000 on orphan medicinal products (OMP Regulation), it is essential we work together with our members and decision makers towards better health and solutions for persons living with rare diseases in Europe, by supporting an environment that fosters rare disease innovation in Europe.

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)

Gene & Cell therapies bring with them the promise not simply to manage the symptoms of a diverse group of severe, disabling or life-limiting conditions but the promise of one-time disease-modifying treatments that can transform and save lives.

Our work at EUCOPE is to collectively find solutions for funding, pricing and reimbursement of advanced therapies medicinal products so that they actually reach the patients.

Regulatory Environment

EUCOPE enjoys a long and trusted relationship with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) where we represent our members and the voice of smaller innovative companies and biotech in multiple fora, striving for a flexible and welcoming regulatory environment for new therapies and solutions for patients.

A Solid Network

EUCOPE’s network and trusted relationships with established stakeholders at the EU and national levels helps our members connect and share experiences with the European Commission, the European Parliament, Member States’ representatives, patient organisations, healthcare professionals and payers, academics and other industry associations.