8th Annual World Cancer Series: Europe 2022

8. Nov 2022 to 9. Nov 2022

The 8th Annual World Cancer Series Europe will convene a wide range of stakeholders critical to effective cancer control: policymakers, healthcare professionals and providers, regulators, payers, investors, industry and of course patient groups. The focus of this year’s conference is ”innovation, equity and excellence.” The aim is to identify strategies to accelerate innovation, reduce inequities across cancer control in Europe, and build towards universally excellent cancer control and cancer outcomes across the continent. This timely and important discussion occurs against the backdrop of implementing the EU Beating Cancer Plan, recovery from the pandemic, and a Europe facing security challenges and a major refugee crisis.

The two day conference will feature 90 speakers, organised into keynote plenaries and  parallel tracks centred on Prevention, early detection and diagnosis * Accelerating innovation * Frontiers in treatment * AI, data and digital healthcare for cancer.

EUCOPE’s Alexander Natz will be speaking at the 8th November panel discussion:

  • Harnessing the power of real-world data to speed innovation

How can real-world data and evidence increase the rate at which innovations translate into better care? Speakers will discuss not only the role of data in R&D, but also how it can help with better service delivery and improvements in quality, safety, effectiveness and equity along the entire care continuum. What are examples of empirical evidence being used in these ways? How should the public and private sectors partner in using data to hasten innovation?


World Cancer Series Europe 2022 – Draft Agenda

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