About Us

The trade association giving a bigger voice to small and mid-sized health technology companies in Europe

For 15 years, the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE) has been the voice of small and mid-sized pharmaceutical and biotech companies in Europe. As a trade association, we advocate for sound public policy that supports innovation, while fostering a community built on a shared purpose: improving and saving the lives of European patients through ground-breaking therapies and medical technology.

EUCOPE’s members – who represent over 2600+ innovative companies directly or via associations – are researching, designing, developing, supplying, manufacturing, and deploying the next generation of pharmaceutical innovation and therapeutic solutions around the continent.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, EUCOPE takes pride in providing expert insights into EU policies and legislation as well as market access, aiding our members in navigating the complex world of health technologies in Europe. EUCOPE’s network and trusted relationships with established stakeholders at the EU and national levels help our members connect and share experiences with the European Commission, the European Parliament, Member States’ representatives, patient organisations, healthcare professionals and payers, academics, and other industry associations.

We provide our small and mid-sized biopharmaceutical members a platform for discussion on major healthcare topics and developments, provide ad hoc expertise and updates on national market access and HTA issues and ensure that our members’ voices are heard first in the early stages of policy-making and legislative procedures at the EU and Member State level.

Our commitment is to lead and engage in partnerships spanning the entire medicine lifecycle to find actionable solutions that benefit our members, the patients they serve, and healthcare systems overall.

Reinforcing Biopharmaceutical Innovation in Europe

Over the past 20 years, innovation has helped revolutionise healthcare, improved patient outcomes, and transformed treatments, including making chronic conditions more manageable. At the same time, Europe has faced increasing competition from other world regions in terms of attracting investment and research.

Small and mid-sized companies are key drivers of biopharmaceutical innovation in Europe. They play an important role in the development of new medicines, particularly in sectors that are under-served, such as rare diseases. 81% of preclinical projects in the antibacterial pipeline are in small to mid-sized companies, underlining the value they bring to the industry the need to foster an ecosystem that supports this innovation[1]. EUCOPE was founded to enable small to mid-sized biopharmaceutical companies to thrive within the European life sciences industry.

The EU’s legislative and regulatory framework is built on strong foundations and has supported the development of novel therapies across a range of therapy areas. At EUCOPE, we believe that the EU should strike a balance between enabling access, maintaining confidence in pharmaceutical products, and supporting a sustainable industry for future innovation. We continue to explore solutions and policy proposals with our members, and other stakeholders across the medicine lifecycle, that will make the European life sciences sector more attractive for investment and innovation while increasing patients’ access to innovative therapies.

If you are looking for a partner to help you navigate through the European life sciences sector or wish to contribute to key legislative topics, reach out to us at office@eucope.org.

[1] https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/life-sciences/our-insights/biotech-in-europe-a-strong-foundation-for-growth-and-innovation