Gene & Cell Therapies: Q&As

Gene & Cell therapies bring high hopes for millions of patients in Europe, but they do also raise some questions.

We have assembled some of the frequently asked questions. To help you getting a better idea.

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Regulatory & Medical Devices Working Group, TC, 19 May

OMP Working Group Meeting, Brussels, 10 June

Members Meeting, Brussels, 17 June


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EUCOPE – the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs

EUCOPE is Europe’s trade body for small to medium-sized innovative companies working in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, EUCOPE gives voice to more than 900 research-oriented innovative companies and associations active in research, development of pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies and medical devices. Many of our members are developing therapeutic solutions for persons living with a rare disease, who had little to no treatment available just a few years ago.

Involved in multiple expert groups of the European Commission and the EMA, EUCOPE is contributing to important EU and national legislative dossiers. EUCOPE’s relationship with the European Parliament and the Member States supports our members’ activities at the national level and helps to bring innovative therapies and medical technologies to patients all over Europe.