Benefits of EUCOPE Membership

Through our services, programmes and collaborative initiatives, our members gain the knowledge they need to identify emerging industry trends, understand the impact of European and national policies, and implement change within their organisations to succeed.

As a member of EUCOPE, you will benefit from:

A Solid Network

  • Access to industry leaders for networking, business development, best practices, and more
  • Ability to co-create custom sponsored content and events, including webinars, podcasts or blog articles.
  • Facilitated introductions to manufacturers, policy-makers, suppliers, researchers, patient organisations, payers, management experts, and other potential partners both in the EU and abroad

Advocacy & Evaluation

  • As an EU Watchdog, we analyse, monitor, and inform on the latest EU and Member States’ biopharmaceutical and medtech legislation, regulations, and industry developments through our regular and rapid weekly communications.
  • Contribute to the European biopharmaceutical industry’s policy positioning on issues such as regulatory frameworks, health technology assessment, market access, and intellectual property, among others through our working groups and task forces.
  • Play an active role through our partnerships that span the entire medicine lifecycle.
  • Invitations and discounted tickets to EUCOPE-related events.

European Expertise

  • Draw upon our expert EUCOPE staff to support and discuss issues of interest and receive ad hoc advice on market access, rare diseases and legal issues.
  • Leverage our member network and meetings to understand EU and national issues to better inform decision-making.
  • Areas of expertise within EUCOPE include pricing and reimbursement, science and regulatory, health technology assessment (HTA), legal, government/public affairs, rare diseases, advanced diagnostics, and medical technologies.


  • Inclusion in the EUCOPE Member Directory
  • Ability to promote webinars, events, and more on the EUCOPE events calendar and platforms
  • Amplification of your news and supplied industry-focused content
  • Opportunities for collaborative press, video, or publication development
  • Complimentary job postings on EUCOPE communications
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Join Us! Become a Member

EUCOPE membership has two levels tailored to meet specific needs.

  • Institutional Members have to be manufacturing or R&D-based pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical technology companies or national associations whose membership includes innovative health technology companies.
  • Associate Members are organisations, associations, companies and institutions who are supportive of the R&D-based pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical technology industry.

Both Institutional and Associate Members should have operations based within the European Union.

How to Apply

Should you be interested in applying or receiving more information on our work and how we can support your business in Europe, please contact our Business Development Manager Dante Di Iulio

Further details about the application process and the benefits of membership can be found on our frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.


What Our Members Say

Through our membership of EUCOPE, we’ve been able to far more effectively understand, follow and contribute to areas important to our patients, our business and our industry sector.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Over the years, we have come to appreciate the quality of your support – both from a strategic and day-to-day, tactical perspective – as well as the tailored attention that your leadership and staff continuously pay to any of your members, large or small, especially as you accomplish your mission of guiding us through often complex EU legislative processes and political decisions and of raising the attractiveness of Europe for our industry.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

EUCOPE provides a platform for discussions on major healthcare topics and developments. Your ad hoc expertise on national market access issues, as well your close relationship with many national medicines and HTA agencies in Europe, are particularly useful for us, and I’m sure for many of the other members.

Circius Pharma

We believe that EUCOPE’s mission to facilitate trusted relationships with established stakeholders at the EU and national levels and giving greater voice to companies regardless of their size is very important to enabling innovation and the creation of synergies for the benefit of patients.


What is unique about EUCOPE is that it provides the perfect mix of EU affairs and country perspectives. We appreciate EUCOPE’s willingness to explore new areas of engagement if it is important to its member companies as well as the swift and agile way it operates.


We see EUCOPE as an important advocate on policy issues for our industry in Brussels and a critical voice that represents small, medium, and global companies. Having EUCOPE champion the cutting-edge research and inherent risk-taking innovation required by our industry with policymakers helps to promote well-balanced policy proposals that allow all aspects of our industry to flourish. 


As a specialized biotherapeutics company, we specifically value EUCOPE’s network and trusted relationships with established stakeholders at the EU and national levels to connect and share experiences with the European Commission, the European Parliament, Member States’ representatives, patient organizations, healthcare professionals and payers, academics, and other industry associations.

CSL Behring

EUCOPE’s successful intervention on behalf of its members and the broader life sciences industry with stakeholders spanning policymakers, payers, and influencers is unparalleled. MAP has proudly supported EUCOPE throughout our 10 years including many joint webinars and representation in payer meetings such as NICE, and we look forward to many more.

MAP Patient Access

One distinct feature of EUCOPE is its country and market access focus and expertise. Another one is its bottom-up approach and willingness to be innovation-driven before consensus-driven and allowing any of its members regardless of its size to bring forward an idea or project.