News - April 1, 2019

EC Gets Ready for a No Deal Brexit

In the event the United Kingdom leaves the EU without a deal, access to medicines may be affected and to alleviate any doubts, the EMA has published a questions & answers document on the preparatory work to prevent medicine shortages. If at any point in time a specific shortage is confirmed for a medicine, this information will be published at the EMA’s shortage catalogue and national registers. The document underlines, however, that Brexit will not impact the safety of medicines, nor the way they are evaluated.

The European Commission has completed its “no-deal” preparations and published on 25 March proposals that are temporary in nature, limited in scope and will be adopted unilaterally by the EU.

The “no-deal” contingency measures include among others

      • PEACE programme on the island of Ireland;
      • Continuous EU payments in 2019 to UK beneficiaries for decisions made before 30 March 2019;
      • Funding for Erasmus students and trainees;
      • Ensure air, road and rail connectivity and safety for the continuation of safe traffic;
      • Climate policy;
      • Safeguard social security entitlements;
      • Visa-free travel.