News / Press Releases - June 11, 2024

EUCOPE Congratulates Newly Elected MEPs, Looks Forward to Collaborative Efforts in Advancing a Globally Competitive EU Healthcare Ecosystem

The European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE) extends its heartfelt congratulations to the newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). As the key representative body for predominantly small and medium-sized innovative pharmaceutical companies in Europe, EUCOPE recognises the pivotal role MEPs play in shaping the future of healthcare across the EU.

The recent elections have brought a dynamic group of legislators into the European Parliament, and EUCOPE is eager to engage with them to ensure that healthcare remains a top priority on the EU policy agenda. With the evolving landscape of healthcare, it is essential to foster a collaborative environment that promotes innovation, accessibility, and sustainability within the EU healthcare ecosystem.

“Congratulations to all the newly elected MEPs. We are excited about the potential for positive change and the new energy that you bring,” said Alexander Natz, Secretary General of EUCOPE. “The healthcare sector faces numerous challenges and opportunities. Your leadership will be crucial in navigating these and setting an agenda that will promote a competitive and sustainable pharmaceutical ecosystem. We are committed to working closely with you to develop policies that support a robust and resilient healthcare system for all EU citizens”.

EUCOPE emphasises the importance of sustained investment in healthcare research and development (R&D), regulatory frameworks that encourage innovation, and predictable policies that ensure patients have timely access to cutting-edge treatments and therapies, especially in case of orphan medicinal products (OMPs) and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). EUCOPE is keen to collaborate with MEPs to address issues such as regulatory harmonisation, incentivising pharmaceutical innovation, and improving healthcare delivery across Member States. It is essential to work together to deliver the full potential of current and future initiatives, such as the initiatives to boost the EU Biotech sector and EU competitiveness, as well as realising an EU Rare Disease framework.

“We look forward to constructive dialogues and partnerships with the new MEPs to address the pressing health needs of our communities. EUCOPE is committed to multi-stakeholder and collaborative efforts to drive joint solutions for a stronger ecosystem. Together, we can create an environment where innovative healthcare solutions flourish, benefiting patients, including people living with a rare disease, and enhancing public health outcomes across Europe”, added Natz.

EUCOPE is committed to playing an active role in the policy-making process, providing expertise and insights to help shape a healthcare ecosystem that is fit for the future. The organisation invites all newly elected MEPs to engage with EUCOPE and its members to understand the challenges and opportunities within the pharmaceutical sector better.

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The European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE) is Europe’s principal trade body representing small to medium-sized innovative pharmaceutical companies. EUCOPE’s mission is to support the growth and development of its members, advocating for a favourable business environment that enables innovation and improved patient access to new therapies. EUCOPE’s members are dedicated to advancing public health and enhancing the quality of life for patients across Europe.