News - January 24, 2019

EURORDIS Multi-stakeholder Symposium, 13-14 February, Brussels

EURORDIS, the non-profit alliance representing rare diseases patient organisations will organise its 3rd Multi-Stakeholder Symposium on Improving Patients’ Access to Rare Disease Therapies on 13-14 February 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. The event will bring together stakeholders from various backgrounds to discuss sustainable solutions to improve patients’ access to rare disease therapies.

Ahead of the symposium, EURORDIS will invite selected stakeholder representatives including EUCOPE to share views towards the establishment of a roadmap on access to rare disease therapies in Europe. In particular, this roadmap

  1. Aims to offer practical and implementable solutions to accelerate the development of effective therapies and guaranteeing timely and universal access to rare disease therapies.
  2. Will be broadly disseminated to European and national institutions ahead of the May 2019 European Parliamentary elections.
  3. Will build on the input provided by participants during the 2-day event.

Alexander Natz will also represent EUCOPE in a panel discussion on “outlining interest by the key constituencies”.

Sould you be interested in attending, you can access the full programme of the symposium, and register here. A couple of webinars are organised on 24 January and 31 January for participants to gain the knowledge needed to effectively participate in discussions at the event.