Advanced Therapies Congress LIVE!

24. May 2022 to 25. May 2022 — Register Here

During the last 2 years the Advanced Therapies Industry has seen great leaps forward in innovation, creative solutions to challenging setbacks, new technologies, interest, and investment. The last two years have also taught us we can get by with meeting virtually, but what we really need to thrive and do business is face to face meetings.

The event in 2022 will bring together 1,200 attendees from across the ATMP industry from pharma, biotech, research, regulatory bodies, HTAs investment and start-ups; will feature an agenda with 7 focused topic tracks and 200 speakers; showcase an action-packed exhibition with 100 sponsors and exhibitors demonstrating their latest solutions, tech and products; gather 100 start-up companies who will be showing off their cutting edge offerings at the expo and in demonstrations in the seminar theatre.

EUCOPE’s Alexander Natz is on the event advisory board and will be speaking at the event.

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