EUCOPE’s Life Science Lectures – Webinar Episode Two

6. Jul 2023 — Register Here


Episode Two – 6 July 2023 (16:00 – 17:00 CET)

Defining (H)UMN: will it steer innovation towards filling existing gaps?

In the second episode, we will talk about the definition of unmet medical need (UMN) and high UMN (HUMN). The revised pharmaceutical framework includes a definition of UMN and HUMN, which aims at steering innovation towards therapeutic areas with existing gaps, especially in rare disorders. Addressing (H)UMN will provide additional incentives to regulatory data protection (RDP) and orphan market exclusivity (OME).

There are different views on the impact of introducing a definition of (H)UMN, when it comes to the development of, and access to, innovative therapies. The panelists will share views on opportunities and risks deriving from the concept of (H)UMN, whether it will drive innovation in underserved areas, taking into account scientific progress and potential uncertainty for developers. 

The panelists will also brainstorm on additional solutions, beyond a (H)UMN concept, that could foster innovation to fill existing gaps and improve the lives of patients across the EU.   


Introduction & Moderation

  • Alexander Natz, Secretary-General, EUCOPE 

Opening remarks

  • MEP Tomislav Sokol, EPP 

Panel (30-min) + Q&A (10-min) 


  • Alexander Natz, Secretary-General, EUCOPE 

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