European Health Summit

8. Dec 2022 — Register Here

The theme of this year’s European Health Summit is “Maintaining Europe’s Momentum: Driving Resilience Forward.”

The European Health Summit 2022 is an exclusive invitation-only event. Due to security reasons, on-the-spot registration will not be possible. Only registered participants will be able to enter the conference space. It is possible to attend European Health Summit virtually. 

EUCOPE’s Alexander Natz will speak at the 16:15 CET session on: “What more do we need to do to ensure Europe is a leader in rare disease innovation?”

  • 30 million people live with rare diseases in Europe. Technological advances, particularly in the field of gene therapies, offer the promise of transforming the lives of patients and families.  However, in many cases patients are still waiting to benefit. We will explore what is needed to enable Europe to be a world leader in rare disease research and innovation; and the importance of an EU Rare Disease Plan in supporting research and ultimately delivering effective treatments to patients.

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