News - February 28, 2019

Gene & Cell Therapy: From Discovery to Access – Event

EUCOPE, together with SME Connect and SME Europe is organising an event at the European Parliament on the opportunities and challenges of gene and cell therapies – 05 March.

Entitled ‘From Discovery to Access: How can we ensure Europe is at the forefront of innovation and access delivery of gene and cell therapies‘, the event will gather stakeholders and policy makers around a working breakfast to explore the challenges and elaborate on solutions for these revolutionary treatments to fulfil their potential and provide life-saving therapies to patients in Europe.

What was once the realm of science fiction is now reality for a growing number of patients and clinicians. The value of these innovative therapies lies not only in their promise to transform the lives of patients with severe and disabling diseases but also their potential to profoundly revolutionise and upgrade the way in which healthcare is delivered. In particular, gene and cell therapies are applied in therapeutic areas currently characterised by costly chronic care over a patient’s lifetime, and dramatically change the model by offering one-time treatment options.

However, like other transformative technologies, such therapies face challenges that currently prevent society from benefiting from its full potential. Indeed, many healthcare systems are not yet ready for such transformative innovations.

The panel and the related debate will discuss and try to answer to those following questions:

What can Europe do to be at the forefront of the innovation and development of gene and cell therapies? What can policy-makers and industry hand-in-hand accomplish in the next few years in order to ensure that European patients gain access to such transforming therapies, whilst preserving the sustainability of our healthcare systems?


A detailed programme can be found here.

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