News / Press Releases - February 14, 2023

EUCOPE adds nine new innovative members to its network

The European Confederation of Pharmaceuticals Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE) announced the joining of nine (9) new members at its quarterly Members Meeting on February 14th, 2023 following Board approval. The new members joining EUCOPE network are Admedicum, Ardena, Avanzanite Bioscience, Emergent Biosolutions, Evoke Incisive Health, Insmed, Lif Sweden, MaaT Pharma, and Omakase Consulting.

During the announcement, EUCOPE’s Secretary General Alexander Natz said, “We’re proud to welcome these new members just before the announcement of the revision of the EU Pharma Package proposal – which will set the EU biopharmaceutical environment for the coming decades. Celebrating our 15th anniversary this year, we hope their added spirit will refresh our continued commitment to driving innovation in EU life sciences.” 

Learn more about the new members below.


admedicum® brings together the services of healthcare companies and the needs of patients along the product or service life cycle to co-create patient-driven solutions that drive sustainable value for both companies and patients. They are specialists in patient engagement and patient access in research, development, access to and information about medicinal products, medical devices and services in healthcare.

Dr Andreas Reimann, Managing Partner stated “admedicum specializes in patient-engagement and patient-access to innovative therapeutic solutions. We joined EUCOPE to foster knowledge-sharing and to inspire new patient-driven solutions. We are hoping to meet great people and to learn from both EUCOPE as a knowledge-hub and from their  innovative membership organizations.”




Ardena is a mid-sized integrated CDMO that specializes in bringing new molecules to the clinic. Their full-service offering covers drug substances, solid-state research, drug products, nanomedicines, CMC Regulatory support and bioanalysis.

CEO Harry Christiaens said “Joining EUCOPE presents a unique opportunity for Ardena to expand our network, stay informed on the latest developments and trends in pharmaceutical innovation policies in Europe, and bring our expertise to the table after successfully supporting small and mid-sized biotechs in bringing numerous drugs to clinical trials. Ardena’s expertise in CMC regulatory and drug development and manufacturing services for new and niche drugs make us a valuable addition to EUCOPE’s regulatory and orphan drugs working groups. Our extensive experience navigating complex regulatory pathways and our capabilities to develop treatments for rare diseases align with EUCOPE’s mission.”



Avanzanite Bioscience

Avanzanite is on a mission to redefine the commercialization of orphan medicines to improve patient access across Europe and beyond. They offer end-to-end commercialization and distribution partnerships with research-based biopharmaceutical originators to unlock the full value of their orphan medicines in European markets.

On joining, CEO Adam Plich said, “We have always felt we belong to EUCOPE and share its mission and values. The association represents the heroes we highly respect and partner with: R&D innovators that invest significant capital in scientific areas where no one else will. Many of these biotechs develop breakthrough orphan drugs. Yet they often do not reach patients in need and their revenue potential is hampered. It’s a shame and unfair. At Avanzanite, we believe patients with rare diseases should have access to the latest medical innovations regardless of where they live. We also believe biotechs deserve attractive returns on their risky and lengthy investments. Avanzanite’s founding mission is to tackle these critical issues in the European orphan drug space with our unique business model. By joining EUCOPE we hope to share this vision and take every opportunity to collaborate with its members.”


Emergent Biosolutions

Emergent is a global life sciences company that develops, manufactures, and delivers protections against public health threats through a pipeline of innovative vaccines and therapeutics.

“Membership in EUCOPE provides an opportunity for a smaller company, like Emergent, which is working to address niche, but high impact, medical threats, to have a bigger voice,” stated Ask Eirik Storsve, Sr. Director, Head of European Government affairs. “EUCOPE will give us an additional arena to work with the EU, and EU member states, in support of their efforts to protect their citizens against public health threats.”




Evoke Incisive Health

Evoke Incisive Health is an award-winning healthcare policy and communications consultancy. They provide integrated support across the full range of audiences: policymakers, payers, healthcare providers, and patients. Our work changes policy and transforms lives.

Aurelie Marchand, Senior Director and Head of the Brussels Office noted “We are thrilled to kick off 2023 with such great news and join EUCOPE, the leading voice in Europe of innovative biopharmaceuticals & medical technologies SMEs. EUCOPE’s membership is an opportunity to put our expertise at the service of the association’s goals and contribute to the debates that are shaping the future of European healthcare. We look forward to a close and fruitful collaboration and are excited to get to work with EUCOPE and its members to bring innovation to patients across Europe.”




Insmed is a global biopharmaceutical company on a mission to transform the lives of patients with serious and rare diseases. Insmed’s first commercial product is a first-in-disease therapy approved in the United States, Europe, and Japan to treat chronic, debilitating lung disease.

“Insmed is joining EUCOPE to stay close to, and have a voice in, the various EU, national government, and public policy initiatives that will impact Europe’s attractiveness and viability as a market for biotechnology products,” said Neil Hughes, General Manager and Head, EMEA. “Insmed is committed to: a pharmaceutical and biotechnology ecosystem that provides access to patients who could benefit from medicines; fair returns to companies to reward innovation and investment; and value for taxpayers and other founders of healthcare. These three outcomes are at risk at the moment, and Insmed believes that by partnering with EUCOPE we can engage to champion these 3 pillars of an effective, sustainable healthcare system.”


 Lif SE

Lif is the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden with about 90 members and associate companies. They are all a vital part of the flourishing Swedish Life Science sector, bringing new treatments to patients through research, innovation, and development while at the same time making an important contribution to the Swedish economy by substantial export of their products.

“Lif is very happy to become a member of EUCOPE where we can join forces to strengthen life sciences for better health and innovative competitiveness in Europe” said Jenni Nordborg, Director for International Affairs. “With increasingly hard competition from other parts of the world, working together to create an attractive European life science offer is more crucial than ever.”


MaaT Pharma

MaaT Pharma is a French leading clinical-stage biotech and a pioneer in the development of Microbiome Ecosystem TherapiesTM (MET) dedicated to improving survival outcomes for patients with life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Listed on Euronext (MAAT), MaaT Pharma is building a growing pipeline of products, with its lead-asset in Phase 3 in acute Graft versus Host Disease.

Isabelle ADELINE | Chief of Staff , Special Projects, Regulatory Affairs, IP & Quality Assurance Director said “MaaT Pharma is very proud to join EUCOPE to contribute on giving a bigger voice to small and mid-sized innovative companies in microbiome across Europe to ensure patient access to these new biotherapies. Microbiome is indeed a new therapeutic area with the strong potential to treat diseases with high unmet medical needs such as Oncology. To accelerate the translation of basic research towards market launch of microbiome-based innovations and reinforce Europe’s leading position in the field, it is crucial that all stakeholders work together, and MaaT Pharma looks therefore forward to being a member of EUCOPE.”

Omakase Consulting

Omakase Consulting is one of the leading and a highly recognized strategic consultancy company specialised in Resilient Pricing & Market Access (RP&MA), providing unique solutions to make health innovation available to patients as early as possible in the constantly-evolving healthcare landscape. Omakase Consulting offers strategic, longitudinal support to companies during the drugs’ full lifecycle: from the regulatory process, including the Therapeutic Positioning Report (TPR) development to P&R submission, negotiation and approval, and Market Access at regional and hospital level.

Dr. Alicia Gil, CEO said “Omakase Consulting is a leading consultancy company in Spain, recognized also at international level, as experts in Pricing & Market Access, acting as local representatives for a number of pharmaceutical and medtech companies without a presence in Spain. We have been active members of local and European Trade Associations but believe EUCOPE’s philosophy, focus and membership represent a good fit for Omakase’s values and mission. We value the opportunity to belong to an organization that shares our key objectives of ensuring innovation reaches the patient. Our working philosophy is based on engagement and partnership with our clients and colleagues and we believe we could contribute with our expertise and experience to the goals and work of EUCOPE as well as benefit from learning from other members’ expertise and experience in Europe.”

EUCOPE is elated to have these innovative companies join the network and looks forward to greater collaboration during this important year and more to continue improving and saving the lives of European patients through innovative therapies and medical technology.


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