News - June 2, 2020

EUCOPE Response Statement – Pharmaceutical Strategy Roadmap

EUCOPE examined with great interest the European Commission’s Pharmaceutical Strategy Roadmap.

We welcome the European Commission’s acknowledgement of the crucial role played by the pharmaceutical sector in the economy of the EU, as well as the creation of a future-proof, knowledge-intensive European Union. We share the objective of the European Commission to build a holistic, patient-centred and forward-looking environment for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Our very own member companies, small and medium-sized innovators, stand ready to spearhead the movement.

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly highlighted some vulnerable aspects of the European healthcare systems. At the same time, it demonstrated the importance of the research and pharmaceutical sector, as proven by the numerous ongoing trials for a potential vaccine and treatment against COVID-19. Europe is home to a rich innovation ecosystem with start-ups, world-class research institutions, some of the world’s top universities for life sciences and many small to medium-sized pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Yet, as rightly pointed out in the roadmap, among the challenges for the EU pharmaceuticals innovation ecosystem, some of the most promising discoveries originate from European sources are predominantly employed outside the EU.

To revert this trend we need a strategy that enables research and attracts investments in Europe, and a solid regulatory framework that promotes science and development of new medicines. A sizeable portion of the pharmaceutical innovation in Europe is brought about by small to medium-sized innovative companies, especially when it comes to rare diseases treatments.

EUCOPE calls for a thoughtful and considerate approach, inclusive of all stakeholders along the value chain of innovation, including patients and citizens, to work together on an ambitious pharmaceutical strategy for Europe. We are ready, along with our member companies to actively contribute to this process.