News / Press Releases - July 7, 2020

EUCOPE response to the EC Pharmaceutical Strategy Roadmap

On the verge of the publication of the EU industrial strategy in March, EUCOPE shared the expectations and ambitions of its membership for a coherent strategy that harness Europe’s untapped potential: small and medium biopharma. The mission letter from President von der Leyen to Commissioner Kyriakides calls for measures supporting the European pharmaceutical industry in remaining an innovator and world leader. EUCOPE awaits for the European Commission to launch a Pharmaceutical Strategy that delivered on these objectives.

With the COVID-19 crisis, the pharmaceutical sector demonstrated the potential for being a driving force for economic recovery and a key factor for healthcare systems’ resilience. Yet EUCOPE notes a disconnect between the identified issues and the actions proposed in the roadmap, which currently lacks concrete plans to promote the EU’s competitiveness, (re)investment in innovative therapies, and incentivise industry in adopting green technologies.

Alexander Natz, EUCOPE’s Secretary-General commented on the Pharmaceutical Strategy Roadmap:

The EU’s objective of ensuring greater access, availability and affordability should go along with enabling innovation by means of a strong incentive ecosystem. Adaptable yet clearer and faster regulatory pathways will be key to harness the potential of new technologies, such as ATMPs, nanotechnologies and digital applications for medical devices.’’

Indeed, many opportunities can be seized while ensuring synergies with other much needed EU initiatives such as the Green Deal and EU Health Data Space.

EUCOPE welcomes measures to ensure alignment and coordination among Member States on innovation, supply of products, administrative simplification and transparency. We also welcome the Commission’s intention to reinforce the European Medicines Agency via the Next Generation EU instrument, as we believe this will have a positive impact on the efficiency of EU regulatory activities.

Standing ready to engage in the next phases of the Pharmaceutical Strategy consultation process, EUCOPE encourages all stakeholders to make their voice heard in these momentous times.

The full consultation response can be found here.