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Response to the OMP & Paediatric Consultation- A Call for a Constructive Conversation

The European Commission is consulting stakeholders as part of its revision process of two major pieces of legislation, on medicines for rare diseases and paediatric patients. Central to the development of innovative treatments for these specific categories of patients, this revision process represents an important milestone for the European industry and patients’ communities.

Published on 7 May 2021, the consultation details the options the Commission is considering for the revision on these two important Regulations. As part of our contribution to the review process, EUCOPE published two position papers, on the Orphan Medicinal Products and Paediatric Regulation respectively, complementing the input we provided through the consultation process.

We note with concern that some aspects of the consultation present a narrow view of the process of pharmaceutical innovation and its benefits to patients in need of medicines for rare diseases and paediatric medicines. We are particularly concerned about the suggestion of linking incentives to product availability, that will affect disproportionately small- to mid-sized companies and restricting both designation and incentives for rare diseases medicines development.

Commenting on the Regulation reviews, EUCOPE Secretary General Alexander Natz added: “The development of orphan and paediatric medicines is a global endeavour – developers concentrate their efforts in those environments which stimulate the most innovation. EUCOPE’s membership consists of European and global companies – we are all committed to Europe. The Regulations review should support the goal of ensuring that Europe remains an attractive place to undertake research and launch products for rare and paediatric disease patients.’’

The Regulations review will not provide a silver bullet to improve access and affordability of paediatric and orphan medicines. We call for cooperation and dialogue among Member States, medical and research communities, biopharmaceutical industry and patients. In line with this approach, EUCOPE co-leads the Expert Group on OD Incentives, which brings together representatives of the rare disease community, including researchers, academia, patient representatives, members of the investor community and industry. These experts developed 14 recommendations aimed at improving the European environment for the development of orphan medicines. These recommendations could be a starting point to identify actionable solutions to address rare diseases unmet needs across the whole lifecycle of medicines.

Read our position papers complementing the OMP and Paediatric general consultations here and here.




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